Other Animals

snapping turtle

Large snapper

Living in the country, as I like to call it, we tend to run across many different animals, especially since we are so remote. I say we’re remote, but we’re only about 1 1/2 miles from a major mall and shopping areas. Yet, we’re surrounded by about 100 acres of woods. A heck of a lot lives in those woods. When we first moved here, I never would have guessed. But we’ve been exposed to coyotes, wild boar, about a dozen species of snakes (three of them venomous), venomous spiders, and many more. In this section of the sanctuary site, I’ll try to show some pictures of the animals we’ve run across. As is our policy, none of them were harmed. If we felt they were dangerous, we relocated them to a pond deep in the woods a few miles away.

I chose this image of the snapper because I was shocked to find such a big turtle in my little pond. He was also relocated, and I’m sure he’s enjoying himself now.

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