Some People Deserve to Die, But This Pit Bull Doesn’t

Yes, I know that statement might offend some people, but I don’t care. It’s the truth. Every 11 seconds a dog is put down in this country.

Every 11 seconds!

That’s sad. The world would be a much better place if we substituted some of the worst people instead of dogs. I have never met a dog I felt should be put down, but I can think of a lot of people that should be…

Including Whoever Dumped “Pretty Girl” (Above Pic) On Our Sanctuary

Let me back up.

About a month ago, we had a dog dumped by someone on the private drive to our animal sanctuary. She was a pit bull, and it was obvious from her ninnies that she had recently given birth. We were able to lure her into a 12’ x 12’ pen we made from horse fencing under the shelter of our barn. She seemed nervous at first, but after we fed her and showed a little love, she warmed up to us.

She was infested with fleas, had mange, and showed signs of scarring in quite a few places. Despite all of that, there were no signs of aggression; in fact, she has turned out to be one of the most lovable dogs I’ve seen. She is wonderful with our grandkids, and although we haven’t introduced her to all of the dogs yet, she’s met three so far with no problems.

We have never owned pit bulls, but any animal is welcome at our sanctuary as long as there are funds to support them. We didn’t have the funds, so we tried finding a home for her. For two weeks, I posted on FB and we contacted many rescue centers, but no one could take her. We were almost ready to call animal control, when she put on a show for us during a nightly walk. Take a look at this video and tell me if you could send her to be put down.

We were walking and she suddenly decided to jump for the branch in the tree. After numerous attempts (I cut almost 55 seconds from this video) she opted to go for a branch that was easier to access.

She Got A Name

That was it. She must have suspected something was up, because from that night on, she was full of life and love. She had earned her name—Luci. Since then she has become part of the gang.

Here are a few pics of Luci enjoying her new home.

More Trouble

Luci was only with us about two weeks when another pit bull was dumped, and within the next two days, four more were dumped. The one thing they all had in common was that each had recently given birth, and all were in terrible shape. There was nothing we could do with so many dogs. Animal Control came and got them, and although we continued to try to find homes for them, we couldn’t take them in.

Fast Forward Two More Weeks

The other day another dog was dumped. This one looks as if they yanked the puppies from her while still nursing. Her ninnies are huge and filled with milk. We tried catching her for three days, but she seemed terrified of people. Finally, two nights ago, during a huge thunderstorm, she came to the house. She was shaking badly, and she trembled with each thunderclap.

We brought her to the barn and fixed her up inside the pen we had originally made for Luci. She devoured the first bowl of food and shortly after that, ate most of another. The next morning, when we took her for a walk, she was ecstatic. So full of life and love. Just like Luci. She raced around, and couldn’t get enough of us petting her.


Upon close examination, it was apparent she had been badly abused or used for fighting. Take a look at these scars.

Her head was only the beginning. She has scars on her back legs, hind quarters, and neck as well. It’s obvious this poor girl hasn’t had much of a life, and yet, you wouldn’t know it by her attitude.

I just went out to feed her and she greeted me with an enthusiastic wag of the tail and a magnificent smile, which you can see here. She smiles all the time.

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All of this news is good. She seems healthy, other than past scars. The rest of her problems, like fleas and skin issues we’ll have taken care of shortly.

But “Pretty Girl’s” Problems Aren’t Over

I call her “pretty girl” because I’m not giving her a name. I can’t afford to give her a name, which would mean she’s staying. I already can’t afford Luci, but we took her in. When I say her problems aren’t over, it’s because of that. If we can’t find a home for her soon, we’ll have to call Animal Control or someone else. Everyone knows what that means. Pretty Girl, will be gone. She’ll have gotten free of whatever horrors some humans subjected her to only to be killed.

As I’m sure you can tell, I’ve already fallen for this girl. Please help me find a home for her. I can’t bear to see another good dog be put down.

Bottom Line

I haven’t had her long enough to know how she is with other animals. We don’t introduce them right away, and we always make sure they are free of diseases before introductions. But I can attest to how she is with people, at least so far. She has been magnificent with my wife and I, and with our son and his family, including our grandsons. Absolutely no signs of aggression.

So, please people, help her out.

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