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Review of Products For Animals

On our sanctuary we use a lot of products. Different kinds of feed, bowls, beds, trimmers, clippers, medicine…you name it and we use it. Mikki is the one who does most of the evaluating, and she’s also the one who uses the products, so it was only natural that she be the one to review them.

What you’ll get here is an honest review of the pros and cons of each product we use. Why we like them, or don’t like them, and when appropriate what we think would make them better.

Whenever possible we’ll include cost and where we bought them as well as links for you to purchase.

##Do Me A Favor

Actually scratch that heading—please do the animals a favor, and if you like what you see and consider buying it, please use the link provided on the page so that our sanctuary will get a small commission from Amazon or wherever the link leads. It’s not much, but every little bit helps.

Thanks, and enjoy your visit to our site,



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