Briella, A Big Great Dane

Briella, A Big Great Dane

A Big Girl

Briella, a Great Dane on Tuskany Falls Sanctuary

Briella looking for leftovers

Briella is one of the largest female dogs I’ve ever seen. She’s a Great Dane, and at one time we think she might have been the biggest, or close to the biggest female dog in the world. I didn’t spend a lot of time researching it, but back in 2011 we couldn’t find any dog bigger.

Recently, I found what appears to be a record-holding female, also a Great Dane, who weighed about 200 pounds.


Brie is 34.5” at the shoulders, and has a 44” chest. She’s not fat, as you can see from this picture. She’s just big.

Big Doesn’t Mean Brave

Briella, a Great Dane on Tuskany Falls Sanctuary

Briella and Emily, a sleepover

Despite her size, Brie is truly one of the “gentle giants,” as many Great Danes are known to be. She befriends all people, and doesn’t even raise her fur when strange dogs come around. In fact, Brie is terrified of Freckles, the smallest dog on the sanctuary, who weighs in at a hefty 14 pounds. But I have to admit that Freckles frightens everyone.

In addition to the “fear of Freckles” syndrome, Brie is also deathly afraid of thunderstorms. And if you have never experienced a large Great Dane in bed with you…well, just don’t try it. Even a king-sized bed isn’t big enough.

Born: 09/10/2004



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July 5, 2014

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