Butters—and Smiling Dogs

Butters—and Smiling Dogs

Smiling Dogs

I love smiling dogs. There is something special about a dog who greets you with a curl of the lip, a turned-up jowl, or a full-faced snarl/smile. I mention snarl because on many of the dogs who display full-faced smiles, it sometimes appears as if they are snarling, or growling.

Our Great Dane, Butters, is one of those. Combined with her size (about 125 lbs.), it’s enough to give strangers pause, if not stop them dead in their tracks. What they don’t know is that Butters would never hurt them; in fact, I don’t know that Butters would harm anything.

An Early Scare

When Butters was just a puppy, she was attacked by a coyote in our driveway. If I hadn’t been there to chase the coyote away, Butters would probably be gone. I can’t claim that incident affected her, but it often makes me wonder. Of all the dogs we’ve had on our sanctuary, she is the most shy and timid. The only thing she stands up for is her food, and that’s only if she happens to be extra hungry.

Besides being shy, she is lovable, and she gets along with all of the animals: cats, horse, other dogs, and the pigs. She’s a good-size for a female Great Dane, although she weighs far less than her big sister, Briella.

Born: 09/10/2004



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July 5, 2014

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