Flash, A Herding Dog

Flash, A Herding Dog

Sometimes A Herding Dog Herds Everything

Flash and her sister, Kassie, were not rescues. We had lost one of our favorite dogs in an accident. I swore we wouldn’t replace her, but after about a year, we decided to get a new puppy. We opted for an Australian Shepherd because that’s what the other dog had been. The day we drove to see the puppy, we discovered the people had two puppies left, black-tri sisters, and of course, they were both adorable.

I picked out Flash (named for the silver streak of fur on her back), and Mikki picked out her sister. We decided to get both of them. Flash seemed to grow into her name; she was a fast herding dog, and she had an instinct to herd everything: other dogs, pigs, horses, even kids. If anything ran, she chased after it. And she was fast. She’s not so fast now, but age does that to you. I can attest to that.

In Retrospect

When I look back on our decision to get both dogs, I’m torn. At times, it seems as if we made a bad decision, and at other times, we marvel at our wisdom. Either way, here we are fifteen years later, and Flash and Kassie are both still here.

Update: Flash and Kassie deteriorated badly and we had to put them to sleeep. Of course, they both went on the same day. They only had two months until their sixteenth b-day.

Born: 11/15/1999

Died: o8/30/2015


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July 5, 2014

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