HotShot, a Cat Who Wouldn’t Quit

HotShot, a Cat Who Wouldn’t Quit

Hotshot is a cat who wouldn’t give up. I don’t know his story from birth because Mikki found him on the side of the road. He had been shot through the chest with an arrow. He was in bad shape when she found him, so she rushed him to the animal hospital, where they told us they would have to operate to take the arrow out. Shortly after starting, they informed us they needed to amputate his leg, as the bone had gotten infected.

That was almost ten years ago, and Hotshot is still with us, and still doing fine getting around on three legs. He’s amazing! An inspiration to watch. He jumps from the balcony, sneaks through the garden, and gets up on the windowsill when he is eager for a treat.


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April 7, 2017

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