Mama Squeak—One of the Guests with Gifts

Mama Squeak—One of the Guests with Gifts

Mama Squeak came to us via a couple who claimed to have no more room for her. We didn’t mind taking her, as she was about two years old and seemed to be in good shape and was fairly thin. We took her in gladly, knowing that a pig in that good a shape would be adopted in no time. Little did we know she was one of the guests with gifts.

Two weeks went by, and while she was in quarantine, I noticed she was getting much heavier. I told Mikki (who is a compulsive animal feeder) that she must be feeding her too much. Mikki swore she wasn’t. I then worried that perhaps she had a tumor, and I suggested we take her to the vet the following week to be checked.

We agreed that would be a good course of action, but before we went, Mikki announced that she felt Mama Squeak was indeed now a mama.


“Yes,” Mikki said. “I was petting her belly today, and I could feel the babies moving inside.”

I raised my brows and sighed. I typically love it when guests with gifts arrive; this one I wasn’t so happy about. Mikki was usually right about these things. Sure enough, one week later, six new piglets joined our growing family. Now, we couldn’t get rid of Mama. She had a family of her own to feed.

You can read about Mama and her kids on this site, but I’m also bringing out a line of children’s books featuring one of her babies—Punch.


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April 12, 2017

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