Mollie, A Rock-Hard Dog

Mollie, A Rock-Hard Dog

Mollie Is Living Proof of Genetics At Work

(And yes, I left her eyes glowing in the picture because at the time she seemed like a devil.)

Mollie’s story is a crazy one. It will take a lot longer than we have on this brief intro page to relate, but in short, she is the “illegitimate” daughter of Bear, one of the craziest dogs I’ve ever known. Bear has a prominent place in our first book, Bear and Whiskers, True Tales From An Animal Sanctuary.

To understand the whole story you’d need to know Bear, or at least read the book, but for now suffice it to say, Mollie is one of the toughest female dogs there is. She’s a brute, weighing in at about 100 pounds. She’s a rock-hard dog, and she’s built like a tank. Her neck is 28” around at the base.

The Hyena Dog

We nicknamed her the Hyena Dog because of her neck. It’s so thick that we can’t put a collar on her, as her neck is bigger than her head, so the collars slide off. Besides that, it would take a firm grip and a strong hand to contain her.

Mollie is magnificent with young children and kids of all ages, but she’s not very good with strangers. She also tends to be animal aggressive toward other species (except the pigs).

You’ll be hearing plenty of stories about Mollie if you come back for visits, and she’ll be the star of one of our future books.

Born: 05/03/2004


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July 5, 2014

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