Nina, An Ossabaw Pig

Nina, An Ossabaw Pig

Nina, A Crazy Ossabaw Pig

Nina’s is a funny story. One of my wife’s friends from California asked her to drive to Baton Rouge, LA to pick up a pig for her. She said that she would be traveling down our way in a few weeks and she’d take the pig with her then. I drove her over on a Saturday morning, wondering why someone would go to all of this trouble for a baby pig. But Nina wasn’t any old pig; she was an Ossabaw Pig, from Ossabaw Island. You can read about them here. Their history is fascinating.

The long and short of it, is the pigs were left on Ossabaw Island as a food source by the Spanish explorers hundreds of years ago. From there, evolution has taken them for an interesting ride. They have learned to drink saltwater, and have been forced to adapt eating habits due to the food sources.

As fascinating as the Ossabaw Pig is, Nina was even more interesting. I’ll have her story posted soon. Keep checking back to learn about a funny and lovable pig.

Born: 04/2002


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July 5, 2014

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