Whiskers—A Loner Dog Like No Other

Whiskers—A Loner Dog Like No Other

A True Loner Dog

I said Bear was unlike any dog we have ever had. Well, Whiskers was unlike any dog anyone has ever had. She was a true loner dog, living on the street, in a tunnel she dug under a small walking bridge. Soon afterward, she became Bear’s companion. They were more wild dog than they were domestic, at least in their actions. They hunted in the woods at night, and ate what they caught. And they owned the neighborhood.

A New Beginning

After we set up our sanctuary, Bear and Whiskers came to stay, at least for a while, but they refused to be contained in a house or a fence. I believe they decided we needed their help, so they have stayed around for all of these years to protect us.

Whisker’s Story

If you want the full story of Whiskers, you’ll have to read the book. It only costs $2.99, and all proceeds go directly to the sanctuary. All proceeds.

Like Bear, we don’t know exactly when she was born, but we know within a couple of months. Born: About 07/2001


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July 5, 2014

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