Coral Snake

coral snake

coral snake

Out of all the venomous snakes in North America (5), the rattlesnake seems to ignite the most feared response, but it’s followed closely by the coral snake. The venom of a coral snake is deadly, but it is difficult tor a coral snake to deliver it’s venom. It’s mouth and teeth are so small that it can’t just “bite and run.” It has to grind with it’s teeth, or chew on an area to be effective in delivering venom. In addition, due to the small mouth, it would have to bite an area where it could get a firm grip, like the web of skin between your thumb and forefinger.

Coral snakes are not large either. Although there have reportedly been sightings of up to five feet, I think those can more than likely be discounted. The longest recorded length of one is about three feet. Coral snakes are also elusive as heck. We have been here for seventeen years and have only seen three. When we did see them, they made every effort to get away quickly, never showing signs of aggression.

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