Friendly Copperhead and Other Venomous Snakes

Friendly Copperhead and Other Venomous Snakes

friendly copperheadI’ve already talked about people who assume that all snakes are bad, mean, and out to get you. But here’s another example of how that just isn’t so. We have an animal sanctuary as you know, and after being here for more than fifteen years, we’ve seen our fair share of unusual animals, including many a friendly copperhead.

I say friendly copperheads because many people kill them on sight. Why? Fear is the only answer I can think of. But there’s no need to react that way. If you happen to run across a copperhead, simply turn around and walk away. They won’t chase you. They won’t try to bite you. They’re not out to get you. They are simply trying to live life the same way we are.

Because of the many dogs and cats we have, who have a tendency to irritate the snakes, when we see any venomous snake, whether it’s a friendly copperhead or not, we relocate them to a remote section of the woods. We have relocated more than 30 copperheads so far, and only once did one even try to bite me, and that was most likely due to the fact that I was rough on it when trying to catch it.

The picture above is of a copperhead that had been hiding under a bush in the garden where my wife had been working with flowers all morning. It sat not more than two to three feet from her for hours and never turned aggressive. It wasn’t until I saw it that she even knew it was there.


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May 23, 2017

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