When you live in the country, especially if you have a pond, you expect to see some unusual animals now and then. But a few years ago, we saw one we didn’t expect, or at least, didn’t expect one this big—a really big snapper.

My grandson and a few of his friends were swimming in the pond, something I would never do, but he’s young and kids will be kids, so we let him. I was in the house working on the computer when he rushed in and said, “Pop Pop, you’ve gotta come. Quick!”

Joey is not the excitable type, so I went with him to see what was going on. As we made our way to the pond, he explained to me that he and his friends were swimming when Bear, one of our dogs, began barking at something near the edge of the pond. When Joey and his buddies explored, this is what they found.

snapping turtle

Large snapper

This snapper was not only large, he wasn’t very friendly. We debated what to do with it, then my wife suggested we relocate it to a large pond a few miles from our home. It’s a remote pond and no one swims in it. Since we didn’t want Joey or any of his friends to get hurt, not to mention our silly dogs, we decided to proceed with the relocation plan. My son and I put it in the van and drove to the other pond, then let him go. I’m sure he’ll be happy there with no one to bother him.


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May 23, 2017

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