Starbuck, a Gentle Pig

Starbuck, a Gentle Pig

A Long Trip With a Loud, But Gentle Pig

Starbuck’s story is a long one. I haven’t written it yet, not in a form that can be posted, but I can tell you that we had no intentions of adding another pig to our menagerie the day my wife went to Canton, TX for a fair. Starbuck was on display by his owners, who were hoping to find someone willing to adopt a tiny piglet. It was his last chance at adoption. Whenever someone tells my wife that, it’s a darn good bet she’ll be coming home with some kind of animal. The fact that he seemed to be such a gentle pig sealed the deal.

Even so, this was a decision. Canton is about a 3-hour drive from our place, and if you’ve never driven a long distance with a squealing baby pig…well, you just don’t want to do it. I promise.

Here’s a picture of Starbuck shortly after we got him playing tug-of-war with Kassie. They played together all of the time.

And here’s another picture of him digging in the dirt. I know all pigs like to dig and root for things, but Starbuck seemed to enjoy it just for the digging factor. And the dirt!

Starbuck, the gentle pig, hard at play

Digging in the Dirt is Fun

Worth Every Penny

But Starbuck has proven to be worth every bit of trouble he caused. He’s been with us 17 years now, and he’s as sweet as any animal can be.

Born: As near as we can tell he was born near the middle of June, 1997.


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July 5, 2014

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