Sandy—A Little Great Dane

Sandy—A Little Great Dane

A Little Great Dane With A Big Heart

Sandy is not a small dog, weighing in at 90 lbs., but she is small for a Great Dane. She’s built more like a greyhound, with a big chest and a narrow stomach, and she has blazing speed. When you look at her standing next to Briella, you’d never believe that Briella was her daughter. Brie weighs twice as much as her mother.

Sandy doesn’t smile like her other daughter, Butters—not full-faced smiles—but she does give a little curl of the lip now and then. The most amazing thing is that she is still spry and agile and full of energy at her age. Great Danes don’t often remain as healthy as Sandy this late in their life. Even a little Great Dane doesn’t often make it this long.

Born: 09/09/2003


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July 5, 2014

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